• For MBBS in China/Belarus, what are the career prospects in countries like US,UK ?

    The important aspect to note is that MBBS degree obtained from China/Belarus have global validity as those medical schools are listed in International Medical Education Directory (IMED), Avicenna Directories and World Directory of Medical Schools which are internationally acclaimed. The World Directory of Medical Schools is developed by World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), which is presently the authority listing all the medical schools in the world, with accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive information on each school. The following weblink provides you all the relevant details: http://www.wdoms.org/

    The major sponsors of this World Directory work are:

    1. Australian Medical Council Ltd. (AMC), Australia.

    2. The Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), USA

    3. General Medical Council (GMC), UK 4. Medical Council of Canada (MCC), Canada Therefore, you can be assured of the validity of MBBS degree obtained from medical schools/institutions of China/Belarus in countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada… on verifying their names listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. As the medical degrees of China/Belarus are valid, the students will be eligible to appear for the respective entrance exams viz., USMLE, PLAB, AMC, MCC to make their career in countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada.

  • Is it true that only three chances are given for attempting MCI Screening Test?

    No, it is not at all true. MCI Screening Test is officially known as FMGE - Foreign Medical Graduate Screening Test. It is held by National Board of Examinations (NBE) twice every year in June and December. There are no restrictions on number of attempts that can be availed by an applicant. Since the year 2014, the test is being held in ‘Computer Based Format (CBT)’ unlike OCR sheet format of earlier years. Because of introduction of CBT, the test centres are allotted in all major cities to appear for the exams. The complete details about FMGE, Scheme of Test, Guidelines, Instructions etc. can be read from the official weblink of NBE : http://www.fmge.nbe.gov.in/index.php

  • Why is Fees so low in Medical Universities of China, Belarus.. ?

    http://softamo.org/about/faq, This is a question most often asked by inquisitive parents and puzzles many a person. It is interesting to note that the medical institutions of China and Belarus are state owned i.e., drawing huge Government funding and support. Further, as we know, China remains a communist country, while Belarus was erstwhile Soviet Republic under the communist regime. Public health and Education being the primordial aspects of Communist rule, massive infrastructure of Hospitals, Labs, Equipments, Buildings etc. were built up under special drive to eradicate diseases and ensure good health of citizens at cheapest costs. This resulted in promoting medical education with institutions having capacity to recruit 2000 to 3000 students. As a result, China achieved Doctor:Patient ratio of 1:950 and Belarus 1:220, way ahead than many developed countries, while international norm prescribed by WHO is at 1:1000. Having reached saturation point on domestic front, these well established medical institutions were thrown open to foreign students as part of globalization of education, and also to earn precious foreign exchange. With abundant Govt. funding and readymade infrastructure, these institutions only need to recruit proficient English medium faculty and bear nominal costs of remuneration and establishment expenses to offer the high standard English medium courses and thus attract students from Asia, Latin America, Europe and African countries with very low/affordable fees.

    During the Soviet Era, under the communist regime, massive Medical Universities were established that can accommodate different trades of Medicine to tune of 3000 to 5000 students in each institution, to enhance the Doctors Ratio and protect the people from horrible diseases. As a result, the Doctor - patient ratio in countries like Belraus is 1:220 and Ukraine is 1:240 whereas in India it is 1:1700. In these circumstances, when need for Doctors reached saturation point in Belarus/Ukraine, to keep the Medical Universities running and to earn precious foreign exchange, these well established medical institutions have opened their doors to foreign students of Asia, Africa and Latin American Countries with the affordable economical fee structure. They are all set up in the years 1956, 1957 and long back and considered to be the best colleges of Medical education in the World. Same is the case with China, a Communist Country, where as a part of globalization of education, they have opened up the doors of their medical universities to foreign students implementing English Medium courses. It is a great opportunity to the middle income group students to catch up with the opportunity to join these Medical Universities.

  • Can a student work while studying ?

    This question evokes the counter question as to whether the student is equipped with sufficient funds to pursue their studies in foreign medical institutions, since the earning while studying mostly suggests the shortage of funds. Two important points need to be weighed in mind. First, the passport of the student bears education visa not the work visa, hence strictly speaking working for earning is not legal. Second, there will be hardly any spare time in medical studies, and as the student progresses, the clinical and hospital works keep them too busy. It will be sweet to hear about part time earning, but this is practically not feasible as the countries offering MBBS course in the market are not comparable with the developed countries like US, UK etc., and the fee structures are already subsidized and committed at the time of admission. Therefore, the parent is sincerely advised to plan and organize sufficient funds for complete medical studies of a student without falling prey to marketing ploys. Kindly remember, no Embassy will be ready to stamp the visa and no university will be ready to accept a student who is falling short of funds.

  • Are the Universities promoted by Softamo Education Group recognized by the MCI?

    Yes, Medical Council of India by its Extra-ordinary Gazette of India dated 08-02-2002, issued Notification making major amendment to the Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 on the recognition to foreign medical degrees. It was clarified that in respect of the medical institutions whose name and details are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools of World Health Organization, the primary medical qualifications awarded by them will be recognized, subject to clearing of the Screening Test conducted by the National Board of Examinations. Further, in the case of China, every academic year, MCI publishes the list of approved medical colleges/universities in their website (www.mciindia.org) as received from the Embassy of India at Beijing, and the student is supposed to take admission only in the approved medical college/university. Softamo Education Group are promoting only such universities.

  • Why should a student prefer to apply to the abroad Universities through Softamo Education Group only and not through other organizations?

    First, the aim of Softamo Education Group is to offer students value for the money they pay. Besides that, the Medical Universities under the Ministry of Education of the respective countries gave authenticity to Softamo Education Group to send the students for the study courses. Hence, it is easy through Softamo Education Group to fulfill the formalities concerning the Visa and the emigration Procedures.

  • What are the services Softamo Education Group is offering to the students and which have to be paid for?

    Softamo Education Group specifies and details all the charges that will have to be borne by the student. This helps the student to budget for the same. Even though Softamo Education Group specifies various services like Admission Confirmation Letter, Visa and Medical Insurance etc., it does not take into account some services which may need to be offered to the student and the same is offered free of cost.

  • Are the Universities promoted by Softamo Education Group recognized by the Medical Council of India?

    Yes, Medical Council of India by its latest Extra-ordinary Gazette of India dt18-02-2002, gave a historical notification concerning its recognition to foreign medical Degrees, wherein in respect of the universities whose name and details are listed in the world directory of Medical Schools of World Health Organization, the degrees awarded by them will be recognized. Softamo Education Group are promoting only such universities.

    It clarified in its Gazette mentioned above that "Indian Students who are desirous of joining an Undergraduate Medical Course (equivalent to MBBS in India) in any Foreign Medical Institution on or after the 15th March, 2002 shall have to approach the Mecial Council of India for issue of Eligibility Certificate. No candidate who has obtained admission in a Foreign Medical Institution on or after the 15th March, 2002 shall be permitted to sit for the Screening Test, after obtained the Medical Degree from Abroad, for the purpose of his registration in India, unless he produces the Eligibility Certificate issued by the Medical Council of India. No candidate shall be allowed to appear in the Screening Test unless he possesses any Primary Medical Qualification, either whose name and the institution awarding it are included in the WORLD DIRECTORY OF MEDICAL SCHOOLS, published by the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION.

  • Why the Fee structure in Ukraine/ Belarus / China is so economical concerning some Medical Universities?

    At the time when Soviet Union stood as a Super Power in the world, they established massive Medical Universities that can accommodate different trades of Medicine to tune of 3000 to 5000 students in each institution, to enhance the Doctors Ratio and protect the people from horrible diseases. As a result now the Doctor - patient ratio in the Independent Ukraine is 1:203 and Belarus is 1: 269 whereas in India it is 1:3,500. In these circumstances, when there is no need for more Doctors in Ukraine/ Belarus they can't close down the Medical Universities and give them for Food Godown or throw out the staff, who are Lakhs in number, to unemployment. In these circumstances, those Universities have opened their doors for Asia, Africa and Latin American Countries, which are underdeveloped, with the affordable economical fee structure; only to maintain the running of their fully established colleges. They are all set up in 1956,1957 and long back and considered to be the best colleges of Medicine in the World. Same is the case with China, a Communist Country, where as a part of Globalization, they have opened up the doors of their medical universities to foreign students implementing English Medium courses. It is a great opportunity to our Middle Classes to catch this opportunity of joining those Medical Universities.

  • How does one apply for a passport?

    For obtaining the Passport, you need to contact your local passport office or a Travel Agent for the application form. It would however be an easier process for an applicant to approach directly at the passport office as the process is simplified and assistance by Ex-service personnel is made available at the passport office. It normally takes around 6 weeks from the date of application with the Passport Office and you receive the Passport by Registered AD Post. However, it is known that the issuance of the Passport may take a longer time and hence you need to plan appropriately. http://softamo.org/about/faq There is also a facility to have a Passport issued on a "Tatkal" basis at an additional charge. The letter of admission helps the student to speed up his Passport Application.

  • What are the documents required for the issuance of the Passport?

    You will require the following documents for the application of the Passport:
    a.) Your Birth Certificate or School leaving Certificate.
    b.) Proof of Residence.
    c.) Certificate of Educational Qualification.
    d.) Eight (8) Passport Size Photographs.
    e.) The prescribed Fee.

  • How long would it take for the Softamo Education Group to complete the admission process?

    On receipt of the complete documents, Softamo Education Group would secure the letter of Admission from the Medical University/Academy in around 7-8 working days. In case the Passport Copies have been submitted at the time of the Application, the Visa invitation would be given in 7 working days from the date of application or after the submission of Passport whichever is the case. Please note that the time of each process mentioned is approximate and subject to change.

  • How the fees is to be paid to the Universities.. every year or to be paid in advance for the entire period of the course?

    The Fee that the students pay directly to the University have to be paid every year at the beginning of the academic year. They need not pay in advance for all the Study Period.

  • Can student open a Bank Account in Ukraine/ Belarus /China?

    Yes, a student can open a Bank account at the Medical Universities in these countries, on his own name.

  • It is known that Ukraine / Belarus is a cold Country. How are the students protected from the cold?

    All hostels buildings, University Buildings, Shops, Busses and other Transports are heated. The Government Provides the Central Heating and this ensures comfortable living conditions for the residents. The students are also well equipped with warm coats, sweaters, gloves etc., which keep them warm when out doors.

  • Who would receive the Student at airport at the time of arrival?

    Our staff members, who look after the enrollment process at the University on behalf of us welcomes the student at the Airport, helps the clearance and Immigration formalities, provides food and transport until the University (from airport) and helps the student for admission formalities next day in the faculty.

  • Can a student cook his own meal?

    When a student does not want to eat in the student cafes and subsidized mess, he can cook his own meal. In Medical Universities of Ukraine / Belarus common kitchen is provided by the Hostel on every floor. The kitchen is provided with gas stoves, cutting tables, washing sinks, etc.,

  • Can Indian students find Indian products and vegetables in Ukraine?

    Rice, vegetables, fruits and other provisions are available at a reasonable price in the market. There are 6,000 Indian students studying in the Ukrainian Universities. Many of them cook their food in groups in the Hostel Kitchen rooms.

  • What will be the type of accommodation that would be given to the students by the Universities ?

    Accommodation is given to the student in the University Hostels. In every room 2 students live with an attached bathroom. All these rooms are comfortable and provided with cupboards, beds, line, writing tables, etc.,

  • Will I face any "culture-shock" or feel home-sick when I arrive abroad?

    Even though Home-sickness is common with many people, when they arrive in a foreign land, it can be overthrown with writing of Letters to the friends, telephoning to the family members about the details of the newthings you notice in the arrived country and intimately conversing with your room-mates and nearby accommodated Indian Students.
    Going for a shopping an acquainting yourself with the campus makes you fully absorbed and banishes the home-sickness to much extent.

  • What all do I need to carry along with me ?

    Once you have decided to study abroad and have been accepted into a course, you must ensure you have the right documents and money before leaving. Make sure you carry the following items with you:
    1. Your valid passport, with visa or entry clearance, if relevant
    2. Your travel tickets.
    3. Money-cash, Travelers Cheques - Preferably in a money belt or a very secure inside pocket.
    4. Originals of any degree certificates of technical qualifications you have.
    5. Clothes for the winter season.

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