Medicine in Australia

Medicine in Australia

About Australia

Australian universities have earned a reputation for academic excellence where foreign students count themselves amongst a new generation of graduates ready to take on the world. With the introduction of new and innovative courses with good employment opportunities, many international students are dreaming of getting a degree from an Australian University.

GAMSAT is held by ACER (Australian Council for Education Research)

  • For applying to study in Medicine, Dentist, Veterinary at Australia (GAMSAT) is require.
  • Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test – GAMSAT Qualify student apply in Australia, UK and Ireland countries Medical University.
  • GAMSAT Format
    • Is held twice in a year (March & September)
    • Time:- 8 am to 4 pm
  • There are 3 section in GAMSAT
    • Section 1 : 75 questions in 100 minutes (Humanities & Social Science)
    • Section 2 : 2 essays written communication (1 hours)
    • Section 3 : 110 questions in 170 minute (Physics / science)


  • AMC Mcq Exam- 150 mcq (3.5 hours’ time)
  • Session 2 : 16 students clinical exam
  • Each station 2 minute to road presentation of a case & expected to perform.
  • Each station usually has 3 to 4 tasks
    • Like (Medical history/ Physical Examination/ Diagnoses)
    • Including one compulsory case in each of Gynecology & Pediatrics.
  • You can do P.G in 21 Medical University

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